Kareem Salama- Generous Peace

I came across Kareem Salama, an American Muslim country singer on  Haseeb bhai’s  blog a while back, and although Country music isn’t really my thing, I really took a liking to Kareem’s voice and his lyrics. First time I’ve heard something of this style.

He performed at the 43rd Annual ISNA Convention in the States back in September (see session 7).

My favourite tracks have to be Get Busy Living, A Land Called Paradise, Hold On, Peace Remain and Lady Mary.

Kareem SalamaSome of the lyrics:
Get Busy Living
…And I believe tonight is the night that I decide
That I get busy living and I get ready to die
So that when the fateful day does come
When I’m six feet in the ground
The poor and the weak and the orphan and meek will miss having me around

When I pass I don’t want to leave a life of regret
So I give rise to change today by trying not to forget
That pleasures do pass and sunrises end and stars do fade away
But it’s love and it’s virtue and honor and truth that remain for all days

I want that final breath to be the sweetest of all
And it will be with certainty if I answer the call
To help all those in need and decipher the meaning of life
Cause the seekers of truth they fear not death any more than they fear life…

Hold On:
The tear drops fall from his eyes at night
Too much a man to be crying in plain sight
Finds himself at the beginning again
Can’t understand why he can’t break this sin
I don’t know who said that it was easy
To conquer the world that exists inside of me
My lights are dim and the roads are dark
But the nights always darkest just before dawn

So hold on in this moment cause it might be just what you need
And you know that you’re growing when you find yourself down on your knees
It’s the trials of life it’s the rain and the light that make you more than just your dreams..

Peace Remain:
In Your love will I wash away a thousand wounds
And at last find the end of all these I’s with You
In my heart do I carry so much pain and grief
From what I’ve seen in this world and what You’ve seen from me

But let me put all that aside and think of You till I’m blind
And though the world will never change in You will my peace remain…


~ by usma on 23, December, 2006.

5 Responses to “Kareem Salama- Generous Peace”

  1. Lov it! he sounds like the guys that sing smallville..shumbady saaaaaaaaave me…..

  2. btw i think kareem salama is palastinian or egyptian

  3. Yeah, he is Egyptian but was born and raised in Oklahoma- check out his bio

  4. Salam,
    My name is Mariam Mohammed, I saw you sing at Wembley, and I
    love generous peace ‘ so if you could send me the lyrics
    I promise to treasure it forever if you do. (Please!!!!!)
    I told all my friends about you and they love it too!!!
    ( Islamia girls highschool, in London)

  5. U r a very inspirational singer and i think ur the missing nasheed artist coz u neva hear a country singer and i think it’s amazing!!!!!!!!!!

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