I can’t get to sleep these days and I don’t know why. Something troubles me. Yesterday I was still awake at 4.30 am. A couple of nights ago, I was up at 3am and realised that that was when Saddam Hussein’s execution was taking place. That seems to be on my mind alot. I have a frown on my face right now and I think it’s giving me a headache. I need a cup of tea!

…Many thoughts racing through my mind,
So much so that I think I’ll go insane.
My head hurts and my heart is troubled,
Yet I make no effort to change this state.

God Bless and dua’s please.


~ by usma on 1, January, 2007.

2 Responses to “Troubled”

  1. usma’s first poem.. masha’Allah

  2. lol! that ain’t no poem. actually, the first two lines do rhyme 😛 – I know, I know poetry doesn’t have to rhyme but yeh, I really can’t do poetry.

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