Visual Dhikr…

..Is a very cool website-some brilliant stuff going on there, and what makes them even more cool is the fact that they did the artwork for Outlandish’s Closer Than Veins album!!!

Noor Just Me Sakeena I’ve Seen

Check out the rest of the album artwork here.

And also check out he following artists, top stuff!

Samir Malik

Mohammad Ali

Hassen Rasool

God Bless and du’as

Usma 🙂


~ by usma on 6, January, 2007.

4 Responses to “Visual Dhikr…”

  1. hey sis,m luvin all d art work.. erm…eid jus went by and ive noticed i havnt gt nethin 4rm Usma…so if ur stil deciding on wt 2 buy…den go ahed and make a purchase XX

  2. Im noticing too that i didnt get anything for Eid as well..maybe she treats all her friends like this..and has the same excuse for all her friends that havent met eachother before….i left it at home and we never hear or see of her for another 2 weeks xx

  3. listen girlies, you have me.
    why would you want another present? 😉

  4. lol usma nice try… mashAllah islamic art work is just amazing….I could sit and look at it for hours and I wouldn’t get bored of it..

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