Chocolate fountain


Today I helped a friend of a friend at his Chocolate fountain stall at a local community bazaar and it was “mmmm!” A chocolate fountain!! A fountain that had chocolate flowing down-yum!! Needless to say there were a few “tasting” sessions going on (well we had to make sure the chocolate was creamy enough 😉 ); anyway it was fun and very messy.

I was looking forward to “licking the bowl clean” at the end but it was too much, I think I’ve had my share of chocolate for the next two weeks :S

Available to cover in smooth, creamy chocolate were marshmallows, strawberries, mini donuts, flapjacks, banana, grapes and kiwi(?)What would you dip in the chocolate fountain?

So could the chocolate fountain be the new wedding cake or replace the Ambala sweets? Perhaps, as it does seems to be becoming popular; being hired out for weddings, parties and other events. So if you want to be creative with chocolate who will you call…? The Azirah team of course! We have had some very happy customers.

God bless and Du’as

Usma 🙂




~ by usma on 7, January, 2007.

7 Responses to “Mmmm…Chocolate!!”

  1. yes chocolate fountains are all the rage nowadays. tried getting my sister one and they were like sold out in like 3 places, would ya believe?! in the end, alhamdullilah, we found one. but ambala – hmm; ambala is like classic! ambala rocks!

  2. i think that this whole ambala issue..of how many boxes of rasmalai they bought it getting somewhat outdated. people are more health conscious about their least with the choc fountain your having the benefits of both..the fruit and the choccies har har har!
    Iv not yet been to a wedding where they’ve had a choclate fountain before but i have been to one with a fruit fountain- and no its no skittles advert with like a rainbow of fruit coming out..but lils trays of fruit coming out of a water fountain??was nice and refreshing for a summer wedding.
    *bear with me on my 2 pence worth*
    having said thaaat..most asian families are full of squilly little kids..can you imagine the potential plava? water, chocolate..some “memorable occasion” that would be!

  3. I was just thinking of all the Ambala boxes we had over the last month or so. First there was christmas, then Eid, then my cousin had a baby boy, my uncle bought a *big* box of Baklawa.
    Ambala-its an Asian thang.


  5. LOL raz! ur sleeves were so dirty, covered in chocolate-tut tut, what happened to the clean image, afterall, you are/were the acting manager, no? 😛

  6. mmm i was the best helper and good seller i was the hard worker and im only 12 lollllll but it was soo fun coz i got alot of chocolate hahahahahh but i got fed up with it lolllllll

  7. […] shouldn’t cost a Dime, but will be a needed Boost, hopefully to the Fountain itself. […]

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