Jummah with Yasir Qadhi


Yasir Qadhi is in town doing a few courses here and there, I wasn’t planning on going but Sabin the dude was so eager to see me (these people can’t live without me) that I decided to go with her. She gave me a pleasant surprise by turning up at my house, made me breakfast (a burnt piece of toast and a cold cup of tea) and we left, in a rush to meet Kat and to get to jummah at Regents Park Mosque– she had me sprinting to the station while expecting me to tell her about the weeks events-do I look like Linford Christie?

So we rush rush, Kat lags behind(lol), we make few pitstops here and there (it was lunchtime) only to see that loads of men were walking towards us from the Mosque, just like you’d see, say perhaps, at the end of prayer? We get to the gates and lo and behold-we just missed Jummah! Oh well…good thing its not fardh for us. While we were waiting for the crowd to die down so we could get through, I noticed a very elderly man come out. He was a small man,he looked Arab, had a small white beard, was wearing a thobe and a dark red kufi and had a walking stick.He immediately reminded me of someone; his features were uncanningly similar to pictures I had seen of someone pious. I really wanted to go and say salam but was unable too :(. He was a cute old man, one that I could see myself sitting at the feet of and learning from. Hmm.

Anyhow, Yasir Qadhi’s talk was scheduled to start at 2pm but started around 3.30pm, he was delayed.His talk was on the Path to Allah. I didn’t make many notes, mostly because I could hardly hear anything or concentrate. A couple of kids were running around and the mic volume was kinda low to begin with and so I couldn’t concentrate. From what I remember, he was explaining the Hadith Jibrael; the 3 dimensions of Islam, Iman and Ihsan. He talked about the levels of worship in realtion to the above:

one who does the bare minimum that is required (Islam-muslim),

-one who does the bare minimum plus extra (Iman-mu’min) and Ihsan.

-Explained that the difference between a mu’min and a muhsin is not the quantity of worship, but the consciousness of Allah in their Ibadah.

-explained that if we have deeper knowledge of the things we do, we focus more and feel a connection with the Quran and Sunnah. He gave a good example of wudhu.

-Reminded us that we shouldn’t limit worship to just praying, fasting, or when we are in the mosque etc. We should be worshipping Allah in everything we do; when we go to work, when we are with our children,when we are with our spouse and so on.

These are not very detailed notes, just what I took away with me. Others who made notes, feel free to add to and correct the above.

Maan.. do I write long posts :S

Oh, before I forget, Sabin is now 21 :)- the old fogey

God Bless and Du’as


~ by usma on 13, January, 2007.

8 Responses to “Jummah with Yasir Qadhi”

  1. I dont know about you..but before id been to London Central Mosque..i was expecting..i dont know why..but i was expecting like phooaaar mosque. its really sad, the mosque has got so much history and culture behind it..its so poorly maintained. *i feel like such an armchair critic now* but i guess thayt doesnt deter the thousand summin that pass through the doors everyday!
    Has anybody seen the library up there?? it has soo much potential. me and sabina went there once, i dont think it tantalised her cultural sude as much as it dd mine..but we say like really old kufic Qurans, that were just left accumalating dust in the showcases there was stuff on the Ottomans too. i was really shocked to know that they had a library in there. i was imaganing what it wouldve been like if the mosque really was utilised the way it should be..we would have tommorrows abu hanifa sitting in the seat facing regents park mosque, and the next imam shafi’i in the corner brushing up thier memorisation..one can only dream..

  2. but i guess thayt doesnt deter the thousand summin that pass through the doors everyday!
    i meant every year…our sorry state..and also the fact that its all the way up in NW London.

    *it comes down to my weakness in the field of numbers :-S

  3. Yeah i remember when me and raziha went. i was really facinated by the old books and had REALY old Qurans. i also remember raziha saying that from then on she is gonna go to that libery everyday to study..and that was in 2005. it is now 2007 and i am still waiting for her to embark on that journy…

    ps.Thanks usma for the special mention. i feel touched.

  4. yeh the library’s cool, came across a Qur’an in Braille!
    as for raziha…

  5. Assalamu’alykum,

    Shaykha yasir qadhi broke it down into four points
    1) Why do we worship Allah (swt)
    2) How to worship Allah (swt)
    3) How to perfect your worship of Allah (swt)
    4) What are the levels of worship

    Shaykh went on to elaborate on each point, which is where i got lost because i couldnt hear!

    these are bits a brother passed on including what little i had!

    1) main reason to worship allah is because he deserves to be worshiped and we see this through his names and attributes

    2) obedience to allah is worship and gave example of doing wudu

    3) How do we perfect worship? how do we revive spirituality? best way is through knowledge! and specifically by acting upon your knowledge. e.g wudoo is act of worship. 1) study fiqh. so he explained the hadith that explained how the prophet (Sallalahu alayhi wasalam) demonsrated wudoo but do we all know what breaks the wudoo? No, not everyone knows so we must study fiqh it is very important. 2) virtues/blessings of worship e.g what is the benefit of wudoo? it will wipe away sins! the muslims on the day of judgment will come with their limbs shining showing the places where they did wudoo, and this is how the prophet sallalahu alayhi wasalam will recognise his Ummah and call out to you to drink from the fountain.

    Many ways to perfect worship. Riyad us saliheen by Imam An Nawawi – Shaykah said every household should have this book! simple book, and easy to understand study from it every day

    4)3 main level islam, eman and ihsan. The example of when the best Questioner ( Angel Jibraeel) came and asked the best teacher Prophet Muhammed sallalahu alyahi wasalam). He gave a very brief explanation of each one and gave the hadeeth of the bedouin who came and asked for the minimum which was the fard prayers (5 pillars) and to stay away from the major sins. He said the Mu’min (eman) was the one who did all the things the muslim did (islam) including the sunnah, witr and other nafil, reads quran, fasts extra and does regular dhikr. And the difference between Mu’min and Muhsin is not the amount but quality of worship. difference is consciouness of Allah. if you dont see Allah then know that Allah sees you!

  6. jazakallah khair for that Daisy 🙂
    did you manage to catch any of the questions that were asked?

  7. barakallah feek 😉 no i didnt im afraid sis!

  8. Salaam,

    I really like your work! Keep up all the efforts and surely you will be rewarded accordingly!

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