Pak National Anthem

Dedicated to Mazza, (thanks for the jokes!)

The Original Words – In Roman Urdu

Pak sar zamin shad bad
Kisware haseen shad bad
Tu nishane azmealishan
arze Pakistan
Markaz e yaqin shadbad.
Pak sarzamin ka nizam,
quwat e akhuwat e awam
Qaum, mulk, sultanat
Painda tabinda bad,
shad bad manzal e murad.
Parcham e sitara o hilal
Rahbar e tarraqi o kamal
Tarjuman e mazi shan e hal
jane istaqbal
Sayyai, Khudae zul jalal.

English Translation

Blessed be sacred land,
Happy be bounteous relam,
Symbol of high resolve,
Land of Pakistan.
Blessed be thou citadel of faith.
The Order of this Scared Land
Is the might of the brotherhood of the people.
May the nation, the country, and the State
Shine in glory everlasting.
Blessed be the goal of our ambition.
This flag of the Cresent and the Star
Leads the way to progress and perfection,
Interpreter of our past,
glory of our present,
Inspiration of our future,

Symbol of Almighty’s protection.

And in Urdu:


No, I don’t know the tune, I’ve never sung it and I’ve also never heard of ‘Roman Urdu’.

God Bless and du’as : )



~ by usma on 14, January, 2007.

2 Responses to “Pak National Anthem”

  1. ok first and foremost..i would like to inform every1 of a plagiarism act that my dear usma has jus commited by pastm this here..:D second of all i have proved once agen that im mre pakified than usma..koz i knw THE FIRST 2 LINES AND CHUN of pak national anthem 😀 MAARIA XX

  2. what were you doing on the Offical Website of the Government Of Pakistan?

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