Brother Imran Saithna

Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioun

Imran Saithna

I write this in a state of shock and in uncontrollable tears.

If you are aware of then you will know who brother Imran was.

I literally, just now, learnt over the net that he returned to his Lord yesterday.

I helped with their Eid gifts for prisoners campaign once and had heard brother Imran speak to local communities. He put alot of effort, time and hard work into working with our youth. He had just returned from Hajj with his parents when Allah decided He wanted him back.

Inshallah, his janazah will be tomorrow at Regents Park Mosque.

These were most likely to be his last lines of poetry for us:

“Forget the past, sleep the day, wake not for the dawn of tomorrow.

Bleed the pen, burn the paper, dry those tears of eternal sorrow.

Blind the eyes, pack full the ears, wipe the traces of that lonely smile.

Turn full-around, re-trace your steps, and walk alone for a while”.- 21st January 2007 on Nomadic Soul’s blog.

May Allah be pleased with him, accept his works and grant him Jannah.


~ by usma on 24, January, 2007.

6 Responses to “Brother Imran Saithna”

  1. innalillahi wainnailayhirajihoun 😦


  3. Salam, I did not know you, but in your short life & from what I read about now I have found inspiration. To Him we belong and to Him we return. Soon we will meet, and I pray it is in the best of abodes in the best of company. Your brother in Islam – Faisal

  4. salaam, Brother Imran also took photos at the Utrujj 5th anniversary poetry event. The Utrujj team would like to convey their condolence to the family and pray that he attains the highest place in Jannah ameen. May all his good deeds be accepted and may he be in the widest grave with light and peace-ameen

  5. salaam, I knew Imran only briefly through his generosity in helping Utrujj, mash’Allah he left a lasting impression. He was indeed a kind soul, may Allah accept the dua’s everyone is making for him and grant his family peace in this difficult time. Ameen.

  6. Assalamu alaykum
    Desde Alquería de Rosales, os mandamos nuestro más sincero pésame a toda la familia de Imran, Que Allah lo tenga en su Misericordia, haremos duas por el todos los días en nuestras oraciones.

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