UWISOC IAW Feb 5th-9th 2007! :)

Finally, Alhumdulillah, after many loong meetings, brainstorming, debates, stress, frustration, a few tears (ahem) and Amina’s box of chocolates :), we have decided on the talks, exhibtions and workshops for our uni’s Islam Awareness Week.

The University of Westminster’s Islamic Society presents…



But the work doesn’t stop there. Really, its just begun.This is the first time I’ve been involved in organising something like this, and Subhanallah, the amount of work that goes into it! We’ve been told to get ready for a busy week, needing alot of stamina, strong will and du’a of course. Please pray for its success aswell as for all the other universities that are involved in dawah, like SOAS– I’m looking forward to attending some of their events :).

God Bless and Du’as


~ by usma on 27, January, 2007.

5 Responses to “UWISOC IAW Feb 5th-9th 2007! :)”

  1. ehhh..where’s SOAS one?

  2. click on “SOAS”-its highlighted u silly 😛
    bummer about Tariq Ramadan not being able to make it anymore 😦

  3. maybe i wanted a separate post??? were having hijab for a day thing going on tommorrow where non muslims opt to wear a scarf for the day, and they get sponsored by their friends to give to a charity of their own..its been really popular so far..people have signed up today.

    we got loadsa stoof from islamic impressions, the clocks have been selling like hotcakes!

    Gtg Umar AbduAllah nxdr!

  4. SOAS aint that cool ya know! actually I lie..I wish our Isoc did some funky stuff like your uni’s…:(

    You lot bumped us! boo you! we were trying to get Islamic Impressions to sponsor us(the family link n all ya know) but you got there before us! We have one of their clocks, they are nice.

    Don’t think I’ll be able to make it down 2mw for AHM’s talk.I’m meeting some people 😉

  5. […] for the sake of Allah or for the sake of your Ego? As Islamic Awareness Week approaches, students prepare themsleves by going to dawah training courses, dawah workshops, […]

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