OH MY GIDDY GIDDY GOSH!! outlandish5.jpg

I’m still pinching myself!! Did I really sit in a seminar room in a hotel and interview Outlandish for like 35 minutes??

Hell yeah!

How? What? When? Why? Where?

Q-news are going to be featuring Outlandish in either the next issue or the one after it Inshallah, and so they had to do an interview with them as they are in the UK for their show tomorrow(they jet off back on thursday). Knowing what a fan I was, Fareena and Abdul Rehman Malik invited me along to the interview.Unfortunatley Fareena couldn’t be there but Abdul Rehman was and he had asked me to come up with some questions that I could ask Isam, Waqas and Lenny in relation to their music as he thought I’d be more familiar with it while he tackled the more political and social backgrounds of Outlandish.

I ended up being late becasue I got lost finding my way (to Tottenham Court road :S) but we had to wait anyway while some brothers who had come from Manchester were inside speaking to the guys for their magazine. Then it was our turn. I was wondering if the ‘handshaking situation’ was going to occur when we introduced oursleves, but Alhumdullilah, it worked out that it didn’t and anyway I wouldv’e handled it if it did.

Anyway, so we all said Salam and hello and sat down. Abdul Rehman introduced himself and Q-news (to which Isam is subscribing) and I was introduced as a fan :blush: (to which they all smiled) and said how this was my first Q-news assignment and that I’ll begin the interview! eeee omg!

So, I began by asking them to tell us a bit about their background and how they met (as if I didn’t already know) and then I asked how the name “Outlandish” came about. Now here’s something I didn’t know- Waqas told us that intially they came up with a really bad name…“Young, Gifted and Brown”-Lol! Imagine that. But later it changed to Outlandish and they explored the meanings behind that word and how it describes/described them. That was interesting. The discussion then moved onto Denmark, what it was like growing up there, the political parties/groups over there, the whole cartoon episode. Other things that they talked about were religion (the group consists of two Muslims and one Catholic), the inspiration for their music, how they define their music, the meanings of the songs “Aicha” and “Look into my eyes” and how figures such as Bob Marley, Malcolm X and Che Guevara have seemed to become ‘T-shirt products’ and people have forgotten what these people stood for.

Masha’allah, they were very nice and down to earth. Alot of what they were saying resonated with me. In particular, what Waqas said about the ‘revolution starting from within’ and his respect for Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, and also Isam’s hope of seeing young muslims being creative and expressing themsleves and how we each have a talent and we should use that (I have been hearing that so much lately..).

The interview will be put up as a podcast too Inshallah, so you’ll be able to hear it all there as well as read about in the magazine.

“Where are the pictures?” I hear you ask.Hmm, that was a little let down. I was hoping to get a few good pictures but that wasn’t really possible as they had to jet off to do a phone in interview and a live radio broadcast later(which I’m listening to now). They had been doing interviews all day. I asked them if they’d sing something…Isam asked if I was kidding, I said no…LOL (it’s not everyday you get to meet Outlandish so I though I’d just ask). They said I put them on the spot and that its a different thing performing for one person and performing infront of hundreds! Oh well, I got bumped…by Outlandish!

Oh, and I’m SUCH a doofus, I completley forgot to ask them to sign my cd!! DOH!!

A little treat to look forward too…Outlandish have done a version of Bob Marley’s “Redemption” song which has been added onto the International version of the album ‘Closer than Veins’ which will be released in the UK in March.(The album’s artwork)

And Isam is engaged.

So this was like my first experience of journalism… thank you Fareena and Abdul Rehman for this! 🙂

God Bless and du’as

Usma 🙂


~ by usma on 31, January, 2007.

15 Responses to “I MET AND (CO-) INTERVIEWED OUTLANDISH!!!!!!”

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  2. Mashallah! Amazing! Im so proud and happy!! 😀

  3. I dont know u very well and this s only the sconed time i visit ur blog but GO Usma 🙂
    ps:Is it Usma or Asma?

  4. this is so coool I wish i’d be on ur place one day,all i know that i’m going to study medea and jornalsim so…
    congrats to u sis Usma,

  5. it’ll be interesting to read

  6. ahhhh so thats what that text was all about! good on u, usma! 🙂

  7. maaan, it was totally awesome!
    The first time I ever heard/saw them was back in 2003 at college, when they were just hitting the UK scene and weren’t that well known, but now, mashallah, they iz global!

    omg, they were talking to me!! I was talking to them!! The people who sang “Aicha” and “Walou”..!
    Sorry, I’m still a little “star” struck (although they weren’t bigheaded or anything at all, in fact Waqas offered me a biscuit!)

    Sorry Haseeb bhai, I wasn’t able to pass your messages on and Waqas was wearing a dupatta/shawl, but it was around his neck so that was ok-lol.

    Monaia- it’s Usma 🙂

    Lina-Inshallah, you’ll become a great journalist and will get the opportunity to meet and greet the Moros 🙂

    Nomadic Soul- 😉

  8. wow uz!U DA MAN!!!sooo did u blush?any sweaty palms? stuttering? little teenage gigles?lol. i remember when they came to leyton but at that time i didnt even bother to see who they were!but now, you’re right mashallah they are big.

    im proud of u man 😉

  9. “muslims being creative and expressing themsleves and how we each have a talent and we should use that (I have been hearing that so much lately”
    err.. i dont think anybody picked up on that, i think we were meant to respond with “oh us, you should take off with a journalism career , your so lucky i can see you being the next jenny rodgers” oph man im geting vacated from the computer room!! spk later

  10. sorry about that..hello again, well to pick up..i dont think i could recreate that funny laughing moment i was having whilst i was reading that, but i think uster..you should really pick up on that jouranalism thing, ive always told you, you had a knack for writing, maybe Q-news would take you on as an intern or something? it’l look good on the cv!! 😉

  11. I wud lyk to ask Waqas does his wife get tired of him using her shawls’s…only jokes! Masha-Allah ur a lucky gal 2 get a one-to-one interview wid them, I wish i had as gud contacts as you! Aparently there performance was wicked & and they were being proper decent not lukin into any girls eyes. About Isam gettin engaged…man thats gonne break plenty of hijabi hearts!

  12. his shawl was more of a ‘guy shawl’..lol
    I only managed to ask a couple of questions as they answered most of what I wanted to ask as they went along.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the article.

    There are some clips up on youtube of thier performances at Scala but its kinda drowned out with screaming..

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  14. wow
    is this really true Isam is engaged…mashALLAH…
    wish him all the best

  15. I wish them to be very happy forever and never get bored and be sad. he deserves all the beautiful things in the world. so inshaAllah,in the Sake of Allah,they’ll have a beneficant marriage forever.congratulations isam and his dear one.

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