The worst burglary ever

This is hilarious! Only if there was some sound.


~ by usma on 3, February, 2007.

4 Responses to “The worst burglary ever”

  1. Now now Usma if you really wanted some bubble bath (or whatever they are) you couldve asked me or you “friends” instead of you tube-ing up methods of buglary!!
    ps: The name* you remember that book?? aah the sweet life of Class 1

  2. I av no idea what you’re going on about mate-bubble bath? :S
    Sorry, I wasn’t taught how to commit crimes when I was 5

  3. that was quite funni. man how silly of him, not only did he get caught but managed to hurt himself in the process of it all as well. LOOOOL

  4. ouchhhhhh!!!!! that must of hurt but who would actually get a trolly and start shopping but stealing at the same time? lol

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