Highlights of UWISOC’s IAW

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Subhanallah, it has been a bizy bizy week. I am absolutely knackered. My highlights of Islam Awareness Week at Westminster:

Monday: I think this was the best day of the week in terms of turn out at the exhibition, workshop and talk. I was able to have lengthy discussions with non Muslims; an agnostic and a born Christian who actually didn’t believe that Jesus (a.s) was the son of God. The conversation with the agnostic was particularly fruitful. It wasn’t so much about theology or philosophy but more about current affairs, misconceptions and finding a common ground. I was asked why Islam doesn’t allow women to pray at the mosque (he had obviously seen that dispatches) and many other things, but something which pleasantly surprised me was being asked if I had always been the way I was. I was asked whether my parents became concerned when I started practicing and whether the current climate of Islamophobia has made me stronger in asserting who I am as a Muslim and as a woman.

It was a great conversation in which we both agreed that we have to stick up for each other (as a community/people) when one is being attacked, coming from a Black-African background, he knew exactly what it felt like to be stereotyped and victimized. I told him about the talk later on titled Why I came to Islam by Abdur Raheem Green and was glad to see him there.

There was also an older woman who was adamant on judging Islam’s position on women based on what she saw in Iran. Oh well, we tried.

The exhibition had alot of visitors and there was a good vibe throughout the day.

Tuesday: I was too ill to hang around but the exhibition had an attractive dawah table, some wonderful bits and bobs and the Qur’an translated in different languages including Braille.

Wednesday: The calligraphy workshop by Samir Malik had a good turn out, I went from amateur to proffessional in half an hour! 😉

Thursday: Abu Aaliyah’s workshop was really good. It was an open question and answer on anything and everything and had a good turnout of Muslims and a few non Muslims.

Friday: Two talks, both of which I missed but heard that Abdur Raheem Green’s talk on the Dajjal (which was being filmed for a ITN documentary) was really good.

Overall, I thought the week went well. Alot of hard work had been put in by everyone before and during the week. I did find that more Muslims attended the events then non Muslims but this can’t be put down to the fact that we weren’t advertising it well enough to non Muslims because we were, but whether they came to the events or not was upto to them at the end of the day, we couldn’t force them.

One non Muslim girl gave some feedback in which she said that Quran recitation playing in the background during the day had the opposite effect of attracting people and that she found sisters in jilbab and hijab were intimidating and again put her off a bit. So perhaps we could consider playing something else in the background? (there will people who will have strong issues about that) and I really think we need to have a more representative Isoc committee; not everyone was hijab and jilbab wearing or beard and thobe wearing all their life and I can see why some people would be put off by the above but that’s a topic for another discussion.

Anyway, a big jazakallah khair to all those who helped out, may Allah accept our efforts and forgive our shortcomings and may the light of guidance shine through to everyone we meet.

Now its back to studying 😦

God Bless and du’as


~ by usma on 11, February, 2007.

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  1. Masha’Allah 🙂

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