Is it time?

Has the time come? Am I ready for it? Is it something you can be ‘ready’ for? Afterall, when you know you need something, you don’t say to yourself  “wait, am I ready to take it?”-if you need it, you take it asap right, so why haven’t/didn’t I? :S

I should do it now before I change my mind again or before I let things cloud my direction (again?). But I still have many questions and I ‘need’ answers..? “What if..”? “But what about..” “Could I..?” argh.. too many question marks. Just sieze the moment and go for it Usma!

 I like to know what I’m getting myself in for/in to, but, you can never know…completely.Well at least just some answers as to how things work then? I don’t/can’t dive straight into new things. But not everything can be explained and perhaps having the answers won’t be of  any benefit in of themself…just some more information to store in my ‘box’.


I know which way I’m inclining towards…and that inclination has increased as of late..maybe I should make specific prayers for it now then and continue searching for some answers. Maybe I need to stop questioning and start feeling, more.

Will I make it to the other end? I don’t know. I hope so. Soon. Whatever He wants.

God bless and dua’s for this ever questioning soul



~ by usma on 14, February, 2007.

3 Responses to “Is it time?”

  1. salam

    Just simply make istikhara and proceed from there. After that, whatever happens is for the best – even if it outwardly seems otherwise. The seeker of truth benefits both from the good that occurs in his life, by realizing that it is only a gift from Allah, and the bad, by striving to rectify himself and seeking to draw closer to Allah therein.

    The mark of relying upon oneself is to feel discouraged when things go wrong. The mark of relying upon Allah is to see every instance in ones life – positive or negative – as another door, another lit path, opened leading to eterna bliss. Take it, walk it, and dont look back. If you fall, get up. When you reach the door of His Majesty’s Kingdom, knock. If you knock long enough He will open it and let you enter… Insha’Allah. That is the goal.


  2. Sometimes when we always look at situation or spells in our life as a race against time – this can be the very cloud that barrs your vision. maybe one should seek to find what it is they really want from the situation that perplexes them. when this is sought can make that decision of when you shoudl execute the decision?!
    May Allah guide me and you.

  3. you mihgt start feeling right now…arrêtes d te poser des questions ss réponses…just take the time to have a real live, lol!!!
    I ve readen nice things here, want to say many things, but i can t, coz I do not know ur reaction…

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