From Protest to Engagement

From Protest to Engagement

Booked and rearing to go!

London tickets are fully booked now.


~ by usma on 17, February, 2007.

10 Responses to “From Protest to Engagement”

  1. Salaams,

    So you know if there is ANY hope of getting a London booking? Thank you for posting this!

  2. WOW what a lineup

  3. wasalam sis, the only way you’ll get a ticket is if someone cancels/doesn’t turn up…they’re not taking anymore bookings online.ring up/email and add your name to the waiting list then if anyone cancels perhaps you’ll be next in line for a seat Inshallah.

    haseeb bhai: I KNOW!!! 😀

  4. I was just wondering who this speacial performer is going to be…I did think it could be Outlandish as they’re in the country till March but then the poster would’ve said “performerS”…Sami yusuf?.. I dunno, like they havent got a fantastic line up anyway!

  5. Salaamz,

    Thanks Usma but do you know where I could get a contact number to add my name on the waiting list?

    I cant find an online booking form for London anywhere.

    Thank you

  6. wasalam.

    I couldn’t find a number either. Best thing to do would be to email them at Let me know if you hear from them and what they say.

  7. Thanks, mailed them yesterday actually – no reply as of yet. But will keep u updated Insha Allah!

  8. Salaamz, they’ve replied. Said its fully booked but they’ll add my name to the reservation list. The person said that I should just try my luck on Sat Insha Allah.

    Thanks for ur help once again!

  9. Hey Salam. Thanks for the advice, about emailing them!! 🙂 I just did 🙂 …I Think maybe if you get there super early, there might be a chance, inshaAllah, or maybe we can press our ears against the door! haha. I would love to see Hamza Yusuf’s lecture. I have been listening to his “Purification of the heart” cd series for the past two weeks on my ipod, AMAZING! totally recommend it!! very inspiring…Does anyone know exactly how to get there from westminster tube station? I know i should look on streetmap or something…Thanks. Jazak Allah Khair.

  10. I haven’t checked out the travel yet but gotta bear in mind that there are some tube closures/work going on at the weekend.

    some more info from the lovely RMW team:

    “Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets, we have secured a large room on the ground floor. This room will have live audio and video transmission of the proceedings in the main hall. If you need additional tickets for friends who are willing to sit in this spillover room you can book it for them.
    The room will also double-up as a prayer room when necessary, and so it will have no chairs. The floor is carpeted and you are encouraged to bring a cushion or small rug for your comfort.

    Those who book tickets in the spillover room will be given first priority should seats clear up in the main hall.”

    Sis “Muslima” can you leave your email behind, I may have something for you inshallah : )

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