Happy 12th Birthday

No not to mee but to my little sister. It’s so not fair, my mum bought her a big yummy cake. I don’t get a yummy cake on my birthday, in fact no even remembers my birthday-not even me!! I remember for my 16th after being egged and floured by my friends (that used to be a birthday tradition, wonder if it still happens-what a waste though, you could make a cake with those ingredients)-I had to go to my neighbours because no one was home and they saw the state of me so I had to explain. Asked if I got any presents from my family, I said “no we dont really do birthdays”. So later that evening the doorbell rings and my neighbours come in with a lovley cake baked just pour moi!!! Aaaaaaahh sho shweet.

A couple of years ago, I forgot my own birthday. I was at my hospital palcement, it had a been a really miserable few weeks and it wasn’t until I got a text from my friend saying “happy birthday” that I realised what the date was. Clueless.

Still have a few months left till my 21st. See if anyone-or even I remember!

This was my dinner tonight from the Algerian panini shop down the road:Cake


~ by usma on 21, February, 2007.

3 Responses to “Happy 12th Birthday”

  1. man that cake looks yammmeeeeee. however im so sick of cake right now. been having cake for the last few days. 🙂 i realised that chocolate and fruits DO NOT i repeat DO NOT go togther despite what people say. not nice at all!!!! anyways hope you enjoyed that cake, save some for me yeh 🙂

  2. Do u know how many calories are there? hehe kiddin!
    but u know wot, do wot i do, go shoppin n buy urself sumthng nice, always work 4 me:)

  3. so what, usma your just jeloues coz ami brought me big yummy strawberry
    cake on my birthday and not yours hahahahahahah :):):)
    from your sister,

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