From Protest to Engagement Pics

Wow, Subhanallah. Ok, so I have lots of photos and notes to share but I won’t be able to put up notes till next week as I have a few deadlines :(.

But briefly, wow, it was amazing. Such beautiful people, Wallah, amazing people. Every single one of them. May Allah bless them all.

There were some tears, from our shuyukh and from us, as they spoke of the reality of our state as Muslims and humanity in general. We also shared a few laughs and more importanly, they planted hope in us for the future and reminded us not to lose faith in humanity. So much to say about these people who have blessed us with their presence at a time when we are finding it difficult to hold on and keep focused on what we have to do. Inshallah, my notes will elaborate.

I had a couple of *faint* moments. One was when I was waiting at the enterance looking for someone when I just happened to turn around to make sure I wasn’t blocking the way, and I found myself looking at Shaykh Hamza Yusuf straight in the face! *faint* He was standing right infront of me; walking in, smiling and greeting everyone and then he walked straight past me. My second *faint* moment was when we were lining up to get into the prayer area and Yusuf Islam a.k.a Cat Stevens walked out past me *faint*. Mashallah, Uncle Yusuf was smiling and greeting everyone as he passed. I feel so blessed to have been so close to such people.

I’m afraid I wasn’t able to take any pictures of the performers (Kareema Salama, Hamza Robertson or the “suprise guest”) as that segment of the evening wasn’t going to start till later and it was already half 10! eeek, so yeah, I wasn’t able to stay, sorry 😦 Oh btw, I was right, the “suprise guest” was indeed Sami Yusuf– the piano on the stage was one clue (but I don’t know for sure if he did play the piano as I didn’t stay). Anyway, I will put up some notes and share some of the words of wisdom and advice that our blessed shuyukh gave us. For now, I leave a few pictures.Enjoy 🙂

shkh.JPG Tariq Ramadan img_1584.JPG img_1572.JPG img_1528.JPG img_1553.JPG

Some more pics here.

God Bless and du’as



~ by usma on 25, February, 2007.

5 Responses to “From Protest to Engagement Pics”

  1. how could u not stay for the concert???

    anyways, i look forward to reading ur notes!

  2. There is sumthng called Mobile phone hun, u could have js called ur mama n ask her to stay, i mean come on this is Kareem grl :0
    as i said b4 i would have stayed 4 the nxt week lol

  3. Salaams Sister,

    Alhamdulilah I was at the RMW event yesterday as well. Maashaa Allah we are so blessed to have been of those who Allah chose to be in the company of such Noble Souls. The event was inspiring at all levels and I really did not want it to end. All the speakers were magnificent and spoke with real passion and made everything so practical. I’m still “wowed” out by it all. I’m so Thankful to Allah (SWT); I pray that all of us who were there Insha Allah gained much knowledge from the Shuyukh present and will allow that knowledge to translate into our daily lives Insha Allah. Aameen

    More than anything I’m so glad that we had Sheikh Abdallah Bin-Bayyah present; may Allah reward him a multitude of times for every effort he put into being here and accept it from him Insha Allah. Aameen

    I hope you do not mind but I have saved some (most..) of ur pics.. I didnt have a decent camera with me. Lol at ur “starstruck” moments; I had a few as well with Br Yusuf Islam, Sheikh Hamza and Br Habib Ali.

    I must admit when I saw the pics you took of Prof Tariq hugging Sidi Habib Ali before he left, I smiled cuz where I was sat I kept “spying” at the from row as well. I loved their little interactions and stuff.


  4. Whats with the ‘faints’ and ‘wiki wow’ comments to the shaykhs? Are they some sort of celebrities? Maybe we should be lucky you never asked for their autographs.

    Also why would anyone want to go to an event which is funded by the government? The same government who is kililng muslims all over the world.

    And finally Tariq Ramadan didn’t want Islamic schools and said we should integrate more with of course many other views which could be seen criminal to Islam, dangerous people, dangerous times.

  5. Asalamu’alaykum Curious Muslim,

    Hope you’re well.

    Why would anyone go to an event funded by the government? This is something Shaykh Hamza Yusuf addressed at the beginning of his talk, I made notes here but would highly recommend you to watch the talks when they’re put up on google.
    Do you go to school? college? Do you use public transport? Do you use other public services? Who funds all that?

    With regards to the captions of the photos I took, the “wiki wow” one was in reference to how Shaykh Hamza’s hand was blurred in the picture and the *faints* because these people are very dear to me (as they are to many other people); so many of us have benefitted with what they have had to say.

    I don’t think of our scholars as “celebrities” but rather, as the Prophet (Saw) said: “the scholars are the inheritors of the prophets”, so knowing that, perhaps one can understand the joy and momentousness of being in the presence of and in front of such people. It’s not everyday we are blessed to have these people with us. (Tariq Ramadan actaully spoke on this issue himself)

    And finally, so what if Tariq Ramadan didn’t want more Islamic schools? That’s his opinion, and there probably are other muslims who agree with him; are they “dangerous” too?

    the event was great. I hope you watch the talks and benefit.

    Take care

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