Alone with my Own

I feel alone
yet I’m surrounded by my own.
Am I the only one who sees things this way
who’s realised things are never black and white-there are even shades of grey?

I try my best, I do what I can
but what am I going to achieve when I only believe,
that this path is truly the middle way
with the Sacred law moving with balance, so smoothly.

Yet there are some, some of my own,
who choose to be either “us” or “them”
divisions and camps,even within my own
do they not realise, that we are all from one?

As Shaykh Abdal Hakim said last weekend,
how I feel so lost within my own.
I recognise them not for now they frown
what is our fate when we drill the hole and the ship will cause us all to drown?

So I plead to you, to my own,
stop and look, look within.
He (Saw) was sent only to perfect character,
look within and become something greater.


~ by usma on 1, March, 2007.

6 Responses to “Alone with my Own”

  1. m’A wow
    i didnt know u were a poet

    btw i feel the share sentiments 😦

  2. the poet was inside her after all…

  3. btw i share the same sentiments*

  4. mashallah – hilwaaaa 🙂

  5. salaam,
    yes yes usmaa the poem is HEVY!!! may Allah give u the talent to continue wid such inspirational writing….anyway, i didnt know u had it in…wat do you say, let me post some of ma work up? lol tke cre!
    Peace out

  6. […] Abdal Hakim began by saying how he feels like a stranger among his fellow Muslims because of the way we have become so pessimist and carry negative attitudes around with us. This is […]

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