Let them out

emotions overflowing.

were suppressed for so long.

now they want to speak.

let them out,

however they will come.

let them out,

but tell  no one.


~ by usma on 4, March, 2007.

8 Responses to “Let them out”

  1. don’t suppress them,
    let them speak,
    give them a voice,
    give them a chance,
    let them flow
    to the evoker of
    the emotions,
    sing the song
    of freedom,
    hum the melody
    of expression..

  2. Yet, the tongue can never convey,
    that secret within the heart,
    the ears can never comprehend,
    only but a minute part.

    These words our dear nomad,
    wishes for you to express,
    will never manifest the haqiqa,
    that resides within ones breasts.

    For the heart is the seating place of our Lord,
    free and absolved from all limitations,
    none can understand this though,
    except he who has reached the praiseworthy station.

    But maybe our nomadic poet advises you wisely,
    to “hum the melody of expression”,
    for there is nothing more painful,
    than the hearts repression.

  3. hmm… now who is seeker?
    who could it be?
    he certainly is quite the speaker
    and its definitely not me

  4. oh God…

  5. I know..


    what’s up with this blatant censorship!?!???

  7. I like it. Very subtle.

  8. Sorry, subtle in the sense that the poem alludes to something even deeper being pent up.

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