An evening with Ali


JOKES! I tell ya, JOKES!

We were the first to watch his new videos- world premiere 8)- one was on cleanliness; the water bottles, lota and watering cans and the other was about a son telling his dad that he wants to get married. It’s part of a series Brother Ali’s  making on the “M” topic to go with his previous video on $25,000 Muslim weddings.

The videos were well funny, everyone was laughing, though the video on cleanliness was a bit :blush: and “eww-funny” at times…you’ll have to watch it to know what I’m talking about.

A few more photos here.

So watch out for the next two videos to be uploaded!! Also, Islam Channel were filming the event and will broadcast that soon too Inshallah.

That was indeed Ali (in London) reminding us in case we forgot.

God Bless and du’as



~ by usma on 24, March, 2007.

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