Superficial Usma?

This has got to be the MEANEST thing anyone has ever done for me-(for the safety of the readers, the writer’s identity has been concealed in case too many people rush him at once-however if you would like to pay him a visit, I’d be more than happy to give you an address). It goes something like this:

        Superficial Usma          

All she cares about are looks

        Superficial Usma            

loves the covers of her books.

She cries and complains

Each and everyday

About the Salafi Muslims

And their deviant ways.

Whereas her bro ******

he’s mad cool

nobody knows

why he deals with Usma the fool.


She loves chocolate and blogs

And is very mean

Always insults her bhai

And acts like she’s a Queen.

But she’s a superficial little girl

And is very wacky

She’s a mischievous jabroni

Not to mention a dirty P***


😯 😦 None of that is true!!! How mean 😥


~ by usma on 29, March, 2007.

14 Responses to “Superficial Usma?”

  1. he doesnt live that far from me… and i beat him up once in freshman year… good times

  2. that was a hot poem

  3. WAT! dat is not da usma i know! dats it, lemme get my sandals!

  4. not sandals, get your boots!

  5. WOT THE HELL!!some people are so lonely with their pathetic lives that they had to devote their time and effort by attempting to be ‘creative’ through the mockery of others!!

  6. AWWWWW ((((HUGS)))) That’s not the sweet Usma I know 🙂 Don’t worry hun. May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’aala forgive the person who wrote such mean and hurtful remarks 😦

  7. Butthead??cool dude that was waay cool not. If i had the poetic know i wouldve thrashed the sheikhs pir outa the jabroni…what is that by the way??
    I wont do a schpeel of how sweet usma is…coz let me tell you those of you who are intrested…she is a beautiful butterfly, but her stings take the wee wee (sometimes) not that im ever a victim!

    I think we need a dose of saba huba huba here, her underhanded plageristic linguistic skill should wack the superficialty of anon!!(not so)

  8. LOL. USMA U COW, u EDITED MY COMENT!!! i didnt write butthead,u buttwipe!!faty u gotta bring up sabas emotionally scarred past and make it public huh?u lard!!im at work, im bord, gonna pray now.byyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeee

  9. Where is Saba? I think she’s eloped again.That girl!

    My Razipoo, apparently “Jabroni” is something The Rock would call losers. The one who used it would know.:P

    cool dude, I had to get rid of what you said. Despite all the emotional abuse I got from the one who wrote that poem (I’m still recovering btw), what you said was way too mean.

  10. lol…cool dude; why did you have to bait it up..i didnt actually say that it was HER that plagerised now did i? i sed plageristic..which could have meant that her work is soo good that anyone would think it was plaigerised! so dude, i think it was you that dropped her in it by BEING SO EXPLICIT., what was meant by the censored p word?
    and i say you put up sabina’s stuff, its a democracy i tell you!

  11. USMA!

    I wanna cry. dis not u at all jaan.big hug. lemme no where they live and ill go round there and give them sum gud advice ;).take care

  12. we still notice that you havent put up the comment sabina had taekn the tme out to write out. might we recall that it was you miss farman who was literally begging us to reply back..”pleeeeeease i beg you, i dont want them to think i have no friends…ill pay you???”seem familiar yes..WE HAVE EXPOSED YOU superficial usma..we will boycott your blog if you fail to comply with our demands!

    the slander and lies just never end!!

    What is with all this meanyness?? 😥
    Where’s the love??

  14. oh shut up you drama queen!!Get over it!!

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