New Addition to the Family!!

Everyone meet kitty..



Finally, after months of searching me and my sister got our little kitty. 18 weeks old and she’s soo adorable, sooooo cute, oh just too cute!! Some more pics here.

Need to name her now. Any suggestions?

God Bless and du’as

Usma 😀


~ by usma on 1, April, 2007.

5 Responses to “New Addition to the Family!!”

  1. Id call her smudge cos of the black lil dot on her chinny chin chin :).
    4 sum reason really fancy calling her snoopy hehe. not sure why lol.
    i want one now lol. inshaAllah with time 🙂

  2. Call her Bella (Cuz she bootiful!)

  3. huraira?
    if i had a cat i always said id call it huraira…haha
    Mashallah she is very cute!

  4. aaaaah she’s such a cutie!!!! us you have to let me give her a hug!! I think smuge is cuute or sooti coz she looks like she been playing with some soot..but im goign to call her cuddles!! mwa mwa!

  5. erm.. I took Mano to the vets for her vaccinations and erm..”she” is actually a he!

    Good thing “Mano” isnt necessarily a female name because he’s used it to now..

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