Rights Of A Muslim

Rights of All Muslims in general- Shaykh Ashraf Ali al-Thanwi

Apart from your relatives and friends, all Muslims in general have certain rights over you. Allaamah Subhaani in `Targheeb wa Targheeb’ has mentioned them on the authority of Hazrat Ali (Radiallahu Anhu) to be:

1) Forgive the fault of your Muslim brother

2) Have compassion during their grief and crying.

3) Hide their faults.

4) Accept their excuse.

5) Guard the love they have for you.

6) Be mindful of their rights.

7) If they are sick then visit them.

8 ) If they pass away then attend their funeral (Janaaza).

9) Accept their invitation (Da’waat).

10) Accept the gifts they send to you.

11) Return the good they do to you.

12)When the occasion arises, assist them.

13) Protect and look after their household and families.

14) Assist them in their need.

15) Listen to their requests.

16) Accept their intercession on behalf of others.

17) Do not make them despair from achieving their aims.

18) When they sneeze and say `Alhamdulillah’, then reply by saying ‘Yarhamukallah’.

19) Return their lost goods to them.

20) Reply to their Salaam.

21) Speak to them with kindness and with soft and pleasant words.

22) Be kind and bountiful towards them.

23) If they take a pledge while relying on you, then fulfill their pledge.

24) If someone is oppressing them then assist them; and if they are oppressing someone else then stop them.

25) Have love for them and do not have enmity with them.

26) Do not degrade them.

27) Whatever you desire for yourself, desire the same for them.

In other Hadiths this too has been added:

28) At the time when meeting them then make Salaam; and if you shake their hands then that will be better.

29) If coincidently you become angry with someone, then do not stop speaking to him for more than three days.

30) Do not be suspicious or doubt him.

31) Do not be jealous or have enmity and hatred towards him.

32) As far as possible command good and forbid him from evil.

33) Be kind to the young and respect the Elderly.

34) If two Muslims fight then create a truce between them.

35) Do not backbite about him.

36) Do not cause him any harm, neither in his honour nor in his wealth.

37) If he cannot mount his conveyance then give him support and assist him.

38) Do not make him stand up from his place for you to sit down on it.

39) Two people should not speak amongst themselves while leaving a third person out.

The Rights of Others in Islam


~ by usma on 12, April, 2007.

6 Responses to “Rights Of A Muslim”

  1. Rights for All Muslims, right? … so that INCLUDES ME!!!

    33. Be kind to the young and respect the Elderly.

    (im kind to u – so RESPECT ME!)

  2. 15. Listen to their requests.

    21. Speak to them with kindness and with soft and pleasant words.

    Nuff said 😛

  3. Salam Usma

    x x x x x

    Thought I’d pop-by and say “howdy” 🙂

    How have you been?
    Hope you are keeping well.

    Look after yourself.

    Much Love and Duas
    x x x x


  4. walaykumusalam Baaj!

    Thanks for popping by. Alhumdulillah, I’m ok.
    I was thinking of you today-have an arty question for you 🙂

    Take Care

  5. OOoooh an ‘arty question’ ??

    Fire away dear.. what can I do for you?

  6. I’ll email you. I need my hand painted 😉 and I don’t mean Henna.

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