UK Muslims are “Proud to be Brits”

According to the Gallup survey:

– We have twice as much confidence in the government (64%) compared to the general public (36%)

– We are more trusting of the judicial system, the police and elections

– We are more loyal to Britain (74% compared to 45% of non muslims)

– One in four Muslims said it was important to integrate and master the English language

– 81% of London Muslims condemn violence even if used in a ‘noble cause’

– yet, 28% have experiecned racial or religious discrimination in the past year

– and 14% think that the invasion of Iraq was justified.

The findings are part of a global survey of Muslim attitudes in 40 countries to see how much they identified with their nations, faith and ethnicity.

Hmm, interesting findings. They seem starkly different to some of the past surveys that have been conducted on Muslims in the UK but according to this one, we’re “model citizens”. Jolly good.

Sources : BBC news, today’s London Lite and the LondonPaper on the tube journey home.


~ by usma on 17, April, 2007.

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