The Islamist- Book

A first-hand account of life inside radical Islam in Britain– will be out May 3rd (eugh I have 3 deadlines that day).

A short extract from the book:

“My students told me about the day in March 2002 when the Muttawa [the religious police] had forbidden firefighters in Mecca from entering a blazing school building because the girls inside were not wearing veils. Consequently 15 young women burnt to death, but Wahhabism held its head high, claiming that God’s law had been maintained.

As a young Islamist, I organised events at college and in the local community that were strictly segregated and I believed in it. Living in Saudi Arabia, I could see the logical outcome of such segregation.

In my Islamist days we relished stating that Aids and other sexually transmitted diseases were the result of the moral degeneracy of the West. Large numbers of Islamists in Britain hounded prostitutes in Brick Lane and flippantly quoted divorce and abortion rates in Britain. The implication was that Muslim morality was superior. Now, more than ever, I was convinced that this too was Islamist propaganda, designed to undermine the West and inject false confidence in Muslim minds.

I worried whether my observations were idiosyncratic, the musings of a wandering mind. I discussed my troubles with other British Muslims working at the British Council. Jamal, who was of a Wahhabi bent, fully agreed with what I observed and went further. “Ed, my wife wore the veil back home in Britain and even there she did not get as many stares as she gets when we go out here.” Another British Muslim had gone as far as tinting his car windows black in order to prevent young Saudis gaping at his wife.

The problems of Saudi Arabia were not limited to racism and sexual frustration.”

More of the extract here.


~ by usma on 24, April, 2007.

5 Responses to “The Islamist- Book”

  1. salaam sister. i really do not think u should promote this book. this book has alot of lies, deception and is a source of fitnah which only plays into the hands of the enemies of islam.

  2. Wasalam sis. Thank you for your opinion but I think people should not judge a book by its cover (excuse the pun) and pass comments without reading it first.

  3. I ran to purchase it. I marched in Selma, I picketed for womesn’s rights and I believe that men should be free from tyranny of any kind, especially political and religious. Freedom is a choice, sometimes a very hard one. The Koran does not request killing from the followers of Islam. It is a beautiful book. Misled Islamists, of which there are millions request require the will to kill from the followers of Islam. This man tells the truth. To love – To hate, always our choice to make.

  4. khair. im not judging by the cover but rather by his own words. trust me, i should know but what does it matter, the Truth will always prevail and Allah will maintain His deen, i think on that we will agree. keep posting all that u will dear sis. ws

  5. It is a good book. Nothing is more clearly apparent than that the entire journey from school to radicalism of Ed was one big ego-trip. The mistakes that many foolish young men make in order to be ‘different’, and somehow make a ‘change’. It is to Ed’s credit and bigheartedness that he found his way back home. All the talk about political party of the Prophet (His companions!!) and ‘cells’ is really the creation of a mind rooted in ideologies, concepts, spy novels and revolution state of mind. The hasty and hurried ‘intellectual’ product of hormonal driven young men. The traditional ways is of course hemlock to the young in a hurry to make the world a better place. They feel they are somehow touched by the Hand of God and given the authority to do as they please in God’s name. Had they kept to the traditional path of the Prophet, moderation, patience, respect for the elders would had been a obstacle to their ‘dynamic’ and ‘revitalised’ Islam. What a laugh. Kudos to Ed for doing something about it. God bless him.

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