Popes, Pirs and Politics


Wow, Shaykh Hamza was only here like two weeks ago and now he’s back with his teacher! Alhumdulillah 🙂 (click on the image for more info)

Inshallah, I plan to attend this event straight after taking part in Race for life.

We are just under halfway to our fundraising target so please do sponsor your sisters!

God Bless and Du’as



~ by usma on 30, May, 2007.

2 Responses to “Popes, Pirs and Politics”

  1. No No No No Nooooo
    wait no, i mean yes, mashallah Allahuakbarrrr the shayukh are back!!!… but Usma, please beg them to do the events in July/August so us young’uns can attend too!!
    The topic looks soooo interesting mashallah, i love how all these events never get old, the topics are always so vibrantly different and the angles the various speakers take is truley inspiring!! Mashallah!!

  2. I too will be attending tomorrow and I am ecstatic because I was unable to attend the last two events. I thought I wouldn’t be able to see Sh Hamza for another year but what a pleasant surprise it was to receive an email from Q News about this! I am so looking forward to it

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