The Hour of Need- Babar Ahmad

After three long years of having been arrested and locked behind bars and endless campaigning for his release by his family and friends, Babar Ahmad’s appeal was rejected by the House of Lords. This was the final stage. He is to be extradited to the U.S in the next few days (Allah forbid) unless there is a miracle that can stop this. There is a very small chance the European Courts can intervene, but it is more likely that they will not. Babar is in the process of saying goodbye to family members and having his last minute meetings with his legal teams.

Allah released Prophet Yunus from the whale, with du’a

Allah rescued Ibraheem (AS) from the fire, with du’a

Allah rescued Musa (AS) from Pharoah when He parted the sea, with du’a

Allah saved the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in the cave from the Quraysh who wanted to murder him (SAW)

And many many more examples.

This is the time that the family of Babar Ahmad are appealing to brothers and sisters all over the world to make intense du’a for a miracle to save him in the next couple of days.

The Prophet(saw) said: “The dua of a Muslim for his brother (in Islam) in his absence is readily accepted. An angel is appointed to his side. Whenever he makes a beneficial dua for his brother the appointed angel says, ‘Aameen. And may you also be blessed with the same.'” [Sahih Muslim]


It is now that the Hour of Need has arisen..

The hour of need…
is the hour of need.
It is not the hour of play,
nor the hour of joy,
nor the hour of comfort.
It is the hour of need.


The hour of need…
is the hour of need.
It is not a day,
nor a week,
nor a month.
It is an hour.


The hour of need
is a window of opportunity.
It is longer than a minute,
but shorter than a day.
If you wait too long,
the window will shut,
and the opportunity will be lost.


The hour of need…
is the hour of need.
If you wait too long,
you will miss the hour…
and there may no longer be a need.


-Babar Ahmad MX5383 HMP Manchester June 2007

Ya Rabb! 😦

Who is Babar Ahmad? His story and other details about his case can be found here.

and the following rap/video was made in 2005 for him- (contains some disturbing images).

Free Babar Ahmad

Ya Allah, provide a way out for Babar, protect him and have mercy on him!


~ by usma on 12, June, 2007.

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