Time Out

I think I need some Time Out.

Take a Break.

Need to Drift off away into another Galaxy, Milky Way, whatever.

Think about the Bounty‘s bestowed upon me, and take a break from the norm.

Not likely to Twirl though.

Don’t want to be a Flake, perhaps a Ripple…

But I’ll stay away from Mars , don’t want to be told it’s “not for me”.

May meet a Lion or two on my way but hope I don’t have to pick up a Penguin!

This shouldn’t cost a Dime, but will be a needed Boost, hopefully to the Fountain itself. Yes.

Oh, and if I see Terry on my way, I’ll be sure to tell him they’re not his; they’re mine!

Rightio then,

God Bless and Du’as



~ by usma on 18, June, 2007.

7 Responses to “Time Out”

  1. Salaaam Usma. I sooooo get you..Really deep bruv…Loving it…Wasalaaaaaam. Pray for me…

  2. LOL! good stuff

  3. LOL bajeeeeeeeee great stuff. Made me hungry though…hmmmm.

  4. YUMMY…lol a good read 😉 xxx

  5. I bet somebody forwarded that to you! If not then great stuff..


  6. nah, I made it up-spontaneous stuff.Kinda rare

  7. that’s funny! good one!

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