Valentines day

Sal says: I was going to send u some flowers on St valentines day

Usma Sal says: aww

RoseSal says: but then I thought I will make a “Usma day”

Sal says:
which is EVERY day
and I will give u a flower every day

Sal says:
forget st valentines day
Sal says:
I mean people set up some day to give gifts?
Usma Sal says:

Sal says:
I mean men r happy because they say “wohoo one day, they [women] are brainwashed into expecting it one day”
Sal says:
or on their bdays and anniversaries, thats it

Sal says:
but u know what
Sal says:
Sal says:
my usma deserves better
I’m not putting her into the useless “valentines lot”

Sal says:
Sal says:
how r u?


~ by usma on 14, February, 2008.

One Response to “Valentines day”

  1. I love you us 🙂

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