The P word

Having (briefly) read Imam Zaid’s article on whether Muslims should use the N word I saw the “P word” pop up somewhere else.

I was just thinkning, maybe its just me and how I see things, but does anyone else find it disrespectful or perhaps even offensive when they hear people use the “P” word whether its used by Pakistanis or not? I just saw a Pakistani sister call a non Pakistani sister a P*** because she married one. Now although they may be friends and joke around like that (like many people do) I didn’t feel comfortable seeing that. And as you can see I ‘d rather not write it either.

Just like the N word, the P word has a history, it (still) carries negative, racist connotations of when skinheads would racially abuse Pakistani immigrants in 70’s or so. That’s why I find it absurd to see people using the word as a joke and even in a derogatory way towards each other.

Much can be said about the use of the N word by black people within their own communities (see above article) and it maybe empowering to them somehow but still, to use a word that signified the subjugation and racist treatment of your people so lightly is something I don’t understand.
As far as I know, the P word is not a big deal for American Pakistanis… perhaps it doesn’t have the same history as over here? I don’t know, maybe somebody could help me on this.

I’ve never liked the P or the N word and wouldn’t use them, what’s wrong with just saying “Pakistani” it’s only two more syllables, but I’d like to know what other people think; are you ok with using these words, am I just making a big deal?

I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

God Bless

Usma 🙂


~ by usma on 29, February, 2008.

2 Responses to “The P word”

  1. Get over it sister. Comparing the P word with the N word is an insult in itself. The P word isn’t a big deal. The N word on the other hand is a demeaning term and it has a larger effect because of the slavery issue. The P word … to me is not a big deal at all.

  2. Another aspect that i think deserves mention, is the fact that alot of these people who use these words are not necesarily from that culture or ethnicity, so it comes to the hadith about copying the non beleivers in a non positive or beneficial matter.

    Thank you for bringing our attention to this article:)

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