Aunty Aisha

Here follows a little tribute to a individual who I have spent the last three months studying with, hanging out and travelling with. Known to all around here as “Aunty Aisha”, she was a fellow classmate studying Arabic and sat next to me in our classes. Old enough to be  a grandmother possibly, she is an Economist, from India, had a Hindu- Jai upbringing and converted to Islam and is involved in water management programs in her district back home. I didn’t not fully understand what her work involved until she did a presentation for us explaining the work, methods and the results that have been used and achieved in conserving and distributing safe clean water in her district over the last ten plus years. Starting off as a couple of people with what was then seen as an ambitious venture, her team has brought about a big change in her community including the education and involvement of  the local women in their project. She has an optimistic outlook of the world-some would say idealistic- but nothing is impossible  if people come together and work together on a common cause, change can be achieved.

Aunty Aisha is also very spontaneous and is up for anything. I remember she was leaving class early one day and we asked where she was going, “to syria” she replied! Another time, I was expecting her for  dinner and when I called to check that she was on her way, she said she wouldnt be able to make it because she was in the desert (Wadi Rum) with her husband! Lol. I’ve never met such a cool and hip “aunty” in my life and I hope I can have as much energy and enthusiasm like her when/if I reach her age.

We all miss her. It was so nice having an elder member around here, it made it feel more homely and just seeing how she was respected by everyone here was so beautiful.  A couple of times it would happen that she would come over and fall asleep on my bed, or we’d all be having a discussion into the early hours of  the morning and she’d always make this one brother walk her home.

Inshallah, we’ll stay in contact via email and I hope she comes back to visit us soon!


~ by usma on 17, December, 2008.

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