Aramex- Delivering hope to Gaza

About three weeks ago the shipping company Aramex launched a campaign to help the people of Gaza.     Delivering Hope to Gaza

They’ve been recieving boxes and boxes of donations of food, medicine and blankets from the UAE that they have been sending to Gaza. Everything has to be sorted and then packaged with individual food items being checked for expiry dates (no less then six months) and where the item was produced (Israel not allowing items produced from the following countries: Libya, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Sudan and Iraq).

So whenever we are able to, I and a few friends go to their warehouse to help. Subhanallah, there are so many boxes of food that have to be sorted. First the donations have to be loaded off the trucks. Then they have to be opened and sorted in to boxes of canned food (of which there are sub categories including, beans, hummus, tuna, canned fruit etc), flour, lentils, sugar, oil, milk, rice, medicine while also checking the expiray dates and country of production. Then once the sorting is done, a group of people make the cardboard boxes which are then packed by sub groups of people which are then taken away and loaded into trucks going to Gaza. And this is happening everyday.


However, nearly every other day, the Hashemite Committee recieves new guidelines (or rules) from those in charge in Israel about what can be allowed in. So for example, on day one we include a can of hummus, its produced in Dubai and has a flag of Lebanon on the cover because its Lebanese style. But on day three, we are told that anything that has the flag of any of the “forbidden” countries is not allowed. So what happens? All the packed boxes have to be reopened and every single item has to be rechecked. Some boxes have been checked at least three times.


Everytime I’ve been to help, I’ve seen no less than 200 other people there helping. It feels so good and heart warming to see so many people coming together to help the people of Gaza, including 15 year old kids and non muslims and little boys with their mothers and Alhamdulillah, I’m so grateful for having the oppurtunity to actually do something to help here and not feel so useless.

The staff at the warehouse have been working so hard over the past few weeks. Along with working their regular jobs during the day, they stay into the late hours of the night carrying on the work the volunteers leave. All of them are so nice and you can see how much what they’re doing means to them. When Israel bombed the UN warehouse in Gaza that was storing the aid that had been sent, the faces of the workers said it all. The sadness and helplessness they felt.. speaking to one of the workers, you could see he was about to break down. It’s not about  the fact that everyone’s worked so hard and that it’s gone to waste, no one’s thought like that, but rather, it’s the frustration and feeling of helplessness that aid isn’t reaching the people of Gaza when it can and should.

May Allah reward all those involved and I pray that these supplies reach our families in Gaza.


~ by usma on 23, January, 2009.

3 Responses to “Aramex- Delivering hope to Gaza”

  1. Thank you so much for this. I’m a Scottish woman and in Scotland we collected medicines for the people of Gaza and we marched for them. We were horrified at what was happening to them. I’m not a Muslim but many people who weren’t Muslims had their hearts touched by the struggles of the Palestinians.

    We will try our best to help where we can. And thank you for assisting our brothers and sisters there.

  2. Thank you Ruth and your community for seeing beyond the lies and propaganda the West is fed regarding the situation in Gaza, and for your support and condemnation of Israel’s inhumane, monstrous actions against the Palestinian people.

    May God relieve all people from suffering at the hands of tyrants and oppressors.

  3. Dear Usma,

    Thank you for this very instructive description.
    I am planning to do research on this campaign, and i would be very interested in having your personal feedback on some points.
    Can you please give me an email through which i can contact you?
    Thank you in advance


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