It Rained!

At the beginning of this week King Abdullah II, on advice from Scholars, made an announcement urging the people of Jordan to fast for three days and pray for rain. This country needs rain, alot of it.  It’s been a dry winter; in the four months I’ve been here I can remember it “raining” only two or three times and that too was nothing substantial. About 75% of the country can be described as having a desert climate with less than 200mm of rain annually (

Water is so precious here so when it rains it truly is a blessing. Last night it rained.

Allah sends down water from the sky and by it brings the dead earth back to life. There is certainly a Sign in that for people who hear”. (Surat Nahl, 65)

 I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see it rain, Alhamdulillah.

“Supplicate to Me, I will answer you” (Surat Ghaafir, 60)

Allah is indeed the Most Merciful the Most Kind and the answerer of prayers.


~ by usma on 1, February, 2009.

6 Responses to “It Rained!”

  1. Subhannallah! Alhamdulilah!
    I remember the prayer for rain being prayed while i was in Jordan, and thereafter it pouredddd on the same day! Subhannallah, its such an amazing experience to reside in a country where everyone unites to ask for Allahs ni3ma and bounty, subhannallah!!

  2. Subhanallah. I did hear about this. I wonder how much rain is enough though after such a dry spell?

  3. We’re gonna fast 3 days so that we can hear from Salman, who is less frequent than jordanian rainfall in keeping up wid us!

  4. Lol. I do ask whether he emails you guys but I get told that guy relationships are different… I’ll pass the message on to him though Stony Buddies.

  5. 1 п. “Не имей сто друзей, а имей сто шекелей” тоже хорошо рифмуется 🙂
    8 п. Ты никогда не потеряешь работу. Когда закончатся фотографии можно размещать рисунки (да хоть бы и конкурс объявить на лучший рисунок Одри (-:), аппликации и фотографии поделок из пластилина…
    9 п. Сто пудов ! 🙂

  6. salamalykkum wrwb! hope yer in good health! it was an accidental stumble on yer blog, and found it really interesting and intruiging, but sadly i dont see much recent activity. maybe u should find some time to update the blog. In Sha Allah!

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